About us

Consciousnet is a blog dedicated to the rise of consciousness.
We strive to make sure that our content is neither sensationalist nor manipulative, and that it is based on the need to supply positive and profound information which may useful to the betterment of society. To us, this begins with the maturation and activation of one’s awareness.

On this blog you will find a different approach, inspired by the high values of consciousness and founded upon an in-depth and often spiritual take on various subjects.

Our aim is to steer clear of those conventional traps set by sentiments such as hate and fear – which are always extremely functional to systems of mass control and conditioning.

Consciousnet wants to enable each individual to freely build a personal opinion of reality, along with its many challenges and its marvellous opportunities, and introduce deeper truths that are seldom divulged by mass-oriented media.

Picture of Fausto Carotenuto

Fausto Carotenuto

Has a past as a strategic analyst for government and multilateral entities. An adventurous life that took him through Italian and international political, economic and financial plots. Scholar and popularizer of issues related to the rise of consciousness and the Science of the Spirit. Founder of the Coscienze in Rete Movement in Italy, along with its Academy of Spiritual Studies and the Italian version of this blog, coscienzeinrete.net. Convinced that an authentic Spirituality is powerfully able to improve the practical life of individual human beings and the whole of society.

Picture of Giorgio Carotenuto

Giorgio Carotenuto

Created this English language counterpart to the Italian blog "Coscienze In Rete". Has a deep interest for spiritual themes. Over the years he has explored these issues with the aim of better understanding the meaning and dynamics of his repeated experiences outside the physical body and of aura viewing. Today he teaches these topics with the aim of helping interested people to have a more complete picture of the interaction between the spiritual and the material planes.

Picture of Enrico Carotenuto

Enrico Carotenuto

Founder and director of coscienzeinrete.net, scholar and popularizer of political, spiritual and economic issues.